Chatroom transcript of 14th of February 2009

Jake Thomas Management:
Jake will be on HOUSE Monday on FOX

Jake Thomas:
bye everyone~

Jake Thomas:
thanks everyone for coming to talk to me today!

Jake Thomas:
thanks for making it possible peter!

21/female/ Sunny California (thought not lately!)
Jake Thomas: yea really

Jake Thomas: wow lots of people in here. a/s/l everyone?

have you ever done any backstage work?
Jake Thomas: no

Do you find it easier to slip into funnier characters than the deeper ones?
Jake Thomas: equally difficult

before you go can you wish me a happy birthday?? my b-day is in a few weeks ill be turing 17 my nameis maribel thanks =]
Jake Thomas: happy bday then!

before you go can you wish me a happy birthday?? my b-day is in a few weeks ill be turing 17 my nameis maribel thanks =]
Jake Thomas: happy bday then

Jake how do you find about Maiara Walsh Is she nice?
Jake Thomas: yea maiara is awesome

did u find it embarssaing when u spok some of ur lines in lie to me
Jake Thomas: no, its a character

do you like Led Zeppelin
Jake Thomas: yesx2!

Jake Thomas Management:
5 minutes

are you a floyd fan?
Jake Thomas: yes!

jake do you find interviews and photoshoots and stuff fun?
Jake Thomas: yea, they are very interesting to do

DO you stiill like classic rock?
Jake Thomas: yea i do

do you concider us your friends?
Jake Thomas: of course

jake can u rap?
Jake Thomas: nope not really

Jake Thomas:
yea something like that.

jake in the new pic with the N64 shirt it looks like u have facial hair coming in
Jake Thomas: ha like my facial hair is coming it?

have you ever been to Australia?
Jake Thomas: no i havnt yet

Jake, are there any sorts of events that you do where we could meet you or see you act or something?
Jake Thomas: every once in a while there is. At the moment nothing planned, but events pop up randomly

I have to go to hockey practice Jake. I am very thankful for being able to chat with you. Best wishes with everything in your life. Much love <333
Jake Thomas: thanks for spending time with us. have fun

really? u clean lenses?
Jake Thomas: ive gotten into photography

what do u do in your spare time
Jake Thomas: clean lenses

Have you met Tom Cavanagh and Eric McCormack? How are they?!
Jake Thomas: nice guys

Do you like family guy
Jake Thomas: dont watch it much nowadays

what ride made you like thm now?
Jake Thomas: maiara from CITH forced me onto one at disney worold

would you say you are more outgoing and loud or quiet and kept to yourself?
Jake Thomas: quite an kept to myself

is it true thta you don not like rollercoastrs
Jake Thomas: i like them now

Were you a class clown in school?
Jake Thomas: nope. never the class clown in any school year

Jake Thomas:

ur middle name is super secret?
Jake Thomas: yes my name is Jake SuperSecret Thomas

jake do u watch Nickelodeon?
Jake Thomas: dont watch tv really

i hear you have a middle name but dnt share it , is that true?
Jake Thomas: yes its super secret

jake i always wondered what are some of your biggest fears??
Jake Thomas: bees. i think theres a video of this on youtube

Jake Thomas:
wii for partys

Jake Thomas:
xbox for multi

Jake Thomas:
ps is great for singleplayer

Jake whar you prefer between PS or Nintendo or Xbox??
Jake Thomas: they all have their own strengths

Random question - is your hair naturally straight? Because it looks natural, nice
Jake Thomas: yes it is

Are u looking forward to Halo ODST?
Jake Thomas: trying to get my recon armor....

What hair gel brand was used for your hair for Lizzieís (as Matt) greasy hairstyle for Lizzie McGuire episode
Jake Thomas: generic gel goo

jake you are one of my friends?
Jake Thomas: yes

jake u look hot in the new picture with the N64 shirt
Jake Thomas: thanks. trying to stay nostalgic

jake you are so funny as matt mcguire do you agree was it hard to act like matt ?
Jake Thomas: idk if it was hard, just me being goofy, not much acting there lol

was that episode fun?
Jake Thomas: yea. all the eps were fun thouhg

whats with the pic with u with ur mowhake
Jake Thomas: an ep of CITH

wutís ur fav class to take?
Jake Thomas: i enjoy psychology. ive taken more classes in that than any

hey jake i have to ask and im sure your use to it but BOXERS OR BRIEFS ?
Jake Thomas: commando

Did you take Japanese in highschool?
Jake Thomas: no i take it at a japanese university

I love you in Disney!!!!
Jake Thomas: thank you!

Hey Jake - do you want to go to college? (maybe later on?)
Jake Thomas: currently taking classes

what r ur goals in life??
Jake Thomas: they fluctuate every now and then

you know what... Iím going to eat ALOT of chicken.
Jake Thomas: DO IT!

jake do you like pizza with thick crust and light cgheese and alos extra sauce
Jake Thomas: yes

As far as I know, the rules of engagement episode will air at the end of March
Jake Thomas: peter knows better than i do

lol really?
Jake Thomas: no

Jake, you know when your ep of Rules of engagement will air?
Jake Thomas: Prob first week of Apri

lwhen is the assignment suppose to be out? do you know?
Jake Thomas: not sure. will keep everyone updated when it does

apparently your parents donít have to be tall for you to be tall if you eat a lot of chicken then the growth hormones injected into the chicken go into you.
Jake Thomas: i got an offer from the lakers

Jake, you know when your ep of Rules of engagement will air?
Jake Thomas: not sure. next few months hopefully

Jake did u hav PSP?? Then what game that ur play in there...
Jake Thomas: well ive modded my psp, so i play gameboy games, and SNES games on it

Jake Thomas:
me an a bunch of friends had camping gear and thought it would be funny

have you ever played a nintendo wii?
Jake Thomas: yea. i actually waited out in line for 40 something hours in front of best buy just the fun to get a wiiyea what is your height
Jake Thomas: 6\'4\"

jake can you draw? sometimes i think people good at one art (singing, acting, ect) is good at others too
Jake Thomas: im good at copying other drawings, not so good at something original

hey jake what size sneakers do you wear
Jake Thomas: 9-9 1/2

wut your fav music?
Jake Thomas: listening to new weezer album at the moment

jake do you still keep in contact with the cast of Cory in the House?
Jake Thomas: yea, i play halo with jason just about every day

how was hugh laurie on house?
Jake Thomas: i didnt have any scenes with him, but met him a the table read. very nice guy

how many hour do u practice ur acting a wek?
Jake Thomas: I dont really practice unless i have an audition

hey jake you acted with a friend of mine on eleventh hour she was your sister
Jake Thomas: she did great! she\'d ben here in la for only, what? a week?

jake how is your mum, dad brother and sister and dogs ?
Jake Thomas: everyone is doing well. my sister is getting married in may

what football team do you support?
Jake Thomas: dont follow sports much. so I support the winning teams lolz

did you waych yourself on the permire of lie to me? and when you were on cold case?
Jake Thomas: yup

can you tell us about your character on house?
Jake Thomas: key plot character. dont want to ruin it for you guys

whoís the most famous person youíve kissed?
Jake Thomas: Natalie portman

jake do you see alot of hallie todd
Jake Thomas: no, but i saw her daughter last night for the first time in a couple years

Can you tell us anything about Trust Me? I LOVE that show and canít wait to see you on it!!!
Jake Thomas: i play the boy next door

are there times where you find work really hard?
Jake Thomas: i enjoy and embrace challenges

it looks dyed in what looks like a new picture
Jake Thomas: well it just takes a little gel to make it look darker. quite odd

Jake Thomas:

yea i like ur new hair color jake
Jake Thomas: nver died my hair thouh...

whatís your favourite character youíve ever played?
Jake Thomas: stickler was pretty fun. but i like playing challenging characters like in lie to me

Jake you play a swimmer in the assignment so will we see you in the pool
Jake Thomas: yup. that pool was quite cold. but i had to bear throught it

hey Jake .. do you do much gigs in ireland
Jake Thomas: Ive never been to ireland. would love to someday

Jake Thomas:

Jake do you like the jonas brothers
Jake Thomas: not my style of music. but ive been at avents with them.

Hey Jake - do you like to Read???!!!
Jake Thomas: yea i guess so. I read alot of scripts

whatís your favourite TV show?
Jake Thomas: i dont watch much tv/ hadnt ever seen house untill i got a role in i

tHey Jake Im kathy, I have to say you are a talented cute hot actor, I wanted to ask- are you doing a movies thats going to hit the big screen any time soon... if not- you should because again you are an amazing actor and a pretty darn hott one if i might add?
Jake Thomas: Thanks. Ive got a couple things in the works and will keep everyone up to date

Did they also use that for Stickler?!
Jake Thomas: yea, about the same basicly

hows studying jake?
Jake Thomas: havnt started yet

What hair styling products were really used for your hair for Lizzieís (as Matt) greasy hairstyle for the Lizzie McGuire episode Those Freaky McGuires?
Jake Thomas: lots of gel

Jake Thomas:

How was the concert last night?
Jake Thomas: it was good

Jake Thomas:
im doing fine today. No rain here in la at the moment

Jake Thomas:
Hello everyone!Please welcome, Jake Thomas!