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Cold Case: Roller Girl

Cold CaseJake's name in this episode: Hugh Morrissey
Episode airs:
October 19, 2008 on CBS
Link(s): IMDb

The team re-opens the 1978 case of a teenage roller skater who was found dead in a ravine

A little bit nerdy but cute, a good kid. Hugh’s a skater who skates frequently at the local skating rink with his best friend Missy Gruber, with whom he has a friendly competition. Excited about the possibility that they might start training together for the upcoming Olympics, he's puzzled and concerned when she suddenly drops out of sight. Instinctively protective of Missy, Hugh is upset to find her all made up and dressed provocatively at the rink at night, and the two have words. Though they later patch things up, Hugh impulsively "ruins" the moment for Missy when he innocently leans in for a kiss.

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User comments:

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god you are so handsome and so perfect!

I love this episode, Jake did a great job
definitely the best actor.

By: karla

I saw cold case this weekend and i got 2 other people to watch it as well =] I absolutly loved jake in this episode he did a great job acting angry =D

By: mwg13

I saw the Cold Case episode w/ Jake last night and it was awesome! I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it yet but I will just say that he is an amazing actor.

By: me_myself_i

Jake Thomas