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Notice: Some scenes depict graphic violence that may upset younger children


Jake's name in this movie: Michael Banning
Movie released in: 2004
Link(s): IMDb

When Gereco Corporation starts playing around with a hormone that makes things grow at a feverish speed, their experiments take a disastrous turn and a half-dinosaur/half-crocodile creature is let on the loose. As they are terrorized by the creature and its huge appetite for human flesh, the poor people of Grant's Lake have no choice but to depend for survival on a crocodile hunter, the local sheriff, and his family.

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This is one of the best acts by Jake Thomas. He really did an amazing job in being scared and shocked, when he gets chased by this Dinocroc. The director did an amazing job filming this scene, and brought the best out of Jake at that age. Jake isn’t that much on your screen in this movie, but when he is... just amazing!

By: jtfan08

Jake Thomas