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Monster Night


Jake's name in this movie: Issac Ackerman
Movie released in: 2006

Forced to stay home and babysit on Halloween night while all his friends are out having fun, a teenage boy is less than thrilled. But suddenly things get exciting for him and his siblings when it turns out the house is haunted.

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User comments:

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When I saw this movie It didn’ freak me all, make me feel happier that night!!! I was with some friends at my house when one of them was making asilly noise. I shouted at him! so I made him feel really bad but it gave to much laugh!!!
Pace and Love, dude (i’m a women)

By: majomarcu

JAKE THOMAS was awesome in moster night this was a great teen movie with great humour and nice to see alittle Lizzie Mcguire reunion in this movie if you seen it you will know what i mean

By: j_thomasfan83

If you like Jake Thomas, you like Monster Night. This movie is full of Jake. Almost every shot is with Jake Thomas in it.

This movie is really fun if you just want to watch, but not think. The movie is about Halloween, and as you can guess it will have some ghosts and weird things happening. Well, this movie isn’t really about making you scared, but more laughing on the idea that Halloween should be scary.

With lots of teenage-like jokes this movie is just fun to watch during Halloween nights. Jake Thomas is doing an amazing job in this movie. For Jake Thomas fans, this movie is really recommended!

By: jtfan08

Jake Thomas