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Always wanted to ask Jake Thomas a question? Here is your chance! Every month, Jake answers 10 questions from fans. Questions not yet answered, will be waiting for the next month, so your question will eventually be replied by Jake! To make sure your question will be answered, please check the already answered questions below. If you have an unique question, just press the button below, and ask yours!

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Questions from previous month:

Hi Mr. Jake Supersecrete Thomas (lol) The last live chat is a lot of fun and greatest that I have ever imagine, the things is all ur fans are real nice and cool! So proud for you! Thanks for make it real! This is most happiness in my Valentines Day xoxo

Thanks!  x

HI jake! Ive heard that you are really funny in real life! Is that true!! and also... do you still play guitar???? P.S do u watch smosh on youtube?and do u know selena gomez? P.P.S. I hope you have lots of success in acting!! (sorry that was a lot of ques.)

I am hilarious! Yes,No, Yes. Thanks!  x

Dear Jake, my name is aprille and I am a big fan! I was wondering how you got into the acting buisness, because i really want to act, also! Thank you!!

Do plays in school and in your town and audition for local commercials and see how you like it. Then have success there and then move to NY or LA. Its just THAT easy!  x

First off, we have the exact same birthday :) secondly, whats your favorite birthday cake flavor? I think Ill send a letter. I mean, who doesn love getting a letter in the mail!?

Cool! We're like related or something..maybe...OK..maybe not. I like chocolate.  x

Do you play music? and if you do, do you plan on releasing an ep anytime soon?

I play guitar. Havent had as much time for it lately either.  x

Hey! I was just browsing through all of the Q&As and I was wondering, whats it like to recieve so much female attention? hehe =]

Nice!  x

Jake, you should get a twitter so then you can talk to fans on there! :)

Hmmmmm....maybe too much info.  x

Hey Jake! Ive been wondering, how much Japanese do you know? Are you still studying the language?

Im pretty good. Havent had as much time lately for study but am going back next week.  x

Hey Jake, you did an awesome job on Lie To Me. What was it like taking on such an intense role?

Very hard. I stayed in character from when I left the house until I wrapped each day.  x

Hey Jake. Its Lundyn from Wisconsin. I just was wondering, if you could do anything in the world, and you could only do 1 thing, what would it be? Also, If you and the rest of the people on earth could only live for 1 day, who would you want to meet? Thanx! <3 Lundyn

1. Make films. 2. Prob meet my family.  x

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