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The Ghost Whisperer

ScreenshotJake's name in this tv-show: Andrew Carlin
Episode airs: May 8th
Link(s): IMDb | CBS

Ghost Whisperer is an episodic series that follows the life of Melinda Gordon, a young woman who has the ability to see and communicate with the dead. Each episode deals with one or more ghosts seeking Melinda’s help in relaying a message or completing a task that will put the spirit to rest, and allow them to "cross over" into The Light, a metaphor presented by the show as its conception of Heaven. Crossing over is when a spirit leaves earth and goes to heaven (however this can’t be confirmed as she herself stated she doesn’t know what is on the other side).

Despite the episodic structure of the show, plot lines that span two or three episodes (normally during season openers and finishers) develop and progress throughout the rest of the season. The first season arc introduced the show’s first antagonist, Romano, a negative entity in a black hat, who attempted to do the exact opposite of Melinda and gather earthbound souls and bring them to the Dark Side. The story climaxed in the season finale when a plane crashed in Grandview, and Melinda and Romano both attempted to sway the souls to the Light, and staying on earth, respectively. Her best friend Andrea Moreno was killed in the plane crash and, in a story that would carry over to the second season, was being swayed by Romano to stay earthbound. Read more...

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By: peter van dam

apparently his name in this show is Andrew Carlin. :)

By: disneyfan01

The episode name is: Endless love

The name of each episode is also shown on the Filmography page in case I didn’t add it to the movie page yet.

Thanks for asking!

By: peter van dam

Umm...anyone know what this episode is called? Shows airing in America ain’t always the same here, in Australia.

By: liz

Jake Thomas