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Jake stars in Criminal Minds

2010-10-29 - 8 comments
Jake stars in Criminal Minds

Jake's guest stars in "Criminal Minds" this November! Check CBS for the episode "Middle Man". The episode aired November 3rd at 9PM. If you've seen the episode, let us know what you think!

User comments:

I loved criminal minds
but + u I love u 4 ever scotty so
my name is ABIGAIL
I’m from mexico
you the perfect man
please visit mexico

By: amv

OMFG! I luved him in cm!!! Not that I don’t love him beside when he’s in criminal minds... ;)

By: mmroxmyworld

Agreed. Cute, yet annoying Matt McGuire grew up as still cute, but annoying Jason Stickler, who grew up as hot and innocent Scott Kagan. Out of all three in the "pack", he was the best as his character. I was surprised when they killed him off, but understood because "Criminal Minds" is one of my favorite shows and I understand their motives in the events in each episode. Awesome job and you should visit Michigan sometime, Jakey!

By: icantwait48

It took me a second to recognize him, last time i saw him was on Ghost Whisperer, before that it was on Without a Trace. I think he did an awesome job not to mention that he is one of the most attractive guys I have ever seen. You can’t go wrong with Jake...he has looks and skills...if he’s gay then I hope I have a shot, if not then a guy can dream can’t he?

By: jcoll01

wow jake did an amazing job playing scott...when i watched this episode and saw scott i couldnt believe tht it was jake i meen he look familiar but the last time i saw him on anything was when he was on Lizzie Mcguire. he did such a great job on this role

By: renesmee686


By: makmass

=) I thought Jake did an amazing job in his role as Scott, and I was really impressed with his acting skills. The last time I recall seeing Jake was from Lizzie McGuire series (which, in other words, was a very VERY long time ago). But Jake’s acting skills had improved so tremendously that I did not recognize him at first.

The scene most memorable to me from Criminal Minds would be when he makes his promise to the victim. He was so sincere and the emotions there were so real, that despite everything he had done, his sincerity had made me forgotten about that and had revealed a new, different side of him.

=) all in all, good job! I really enjoyed it!

By: lalaland

Criminal Minds is one of my favorite shows so I was glad to see Jake quest stared! I was really impressed with his character and the whole episode! :)

By: cj89

Jake Thomas