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I had a little get-together to celebrate my upcoming birthday and shared a couple photos of myself with friends and cast-mates from the shows Lizzie McGuire and Cory in the House. I had seen Lalaine and Clayton both somewhat recently, but the three of us have not been together at the same time for quite some time.

With Lalaine and Clayton Snyder.

With Jason Dolley, and Maiara Walsh.


Without really expecting it, the photos blew up online. Within 48 hours a BuzzFeed post about it had gained over half a million views and continued to trend for 2 days. It also got coverage on other sites like Seventeen, J-14, and Hollywood.com. I guess the lesson is that I should have parties more often.

All of this brought forth more questions about a possible Lizzie McGuire reunion. I know many of you are dying for this to happen, but unfortunately it’s not as easy as just calling everyone up for lunch. Or maybe it is.  We’ll see. I may have some ideas for pulling something together myself.

I play Finn Avery in Joey Graceffa‘s “Storytellers” webseries.

Starting life as a Kickstarter campaign, over $100,000 was raised to fund this sci-fi fantasy drama. It debuted in December of 2013, and the series now has over 7 million views on Youtube!

I was also asked to do the character profile photographs for the series. Check out the entire season and the photos below!


In the late spring of 2010 I traveled to Japan and went on a visual expedition that produced wonderful images and unforgettable memories.

Carl Zeiss AG was kind enough to stock me with an arsenal of precision lenses for the duration of my trip.